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Computer Vs. Console – An Unequal "fight "

Today is playing on their home computer, or on the console simply to normal life, but this was the beginning of the game time not the case. Quite the opposite was the case, because in the beginning of the success story of the games was not a normal calculator, but rather the exception. Initially, the […]

Waves And Health, Computers And Technology

Given the large number of emails I’ve received, consulting and discussing certain aspects of my previous article on health wifi and proceed to expand it a little more. As we had previously been classified electromagnetic waves in ionizing and non ionizing ionizing waves (3000 THz) are harmful, so these or near, all the others, which […]

Digital Photography Computers And Technology

Digital photography now allows access to a world of photography more universal, more people, with many devices and many chances for pictures anytime, anywhere, action, etc. Each one can be a photojournalist or a voyeur because it is quite easy to bring a camera on top. The problem comes when we consider the efficient storage […]

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