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Collective Labor

Our interpersonal and social skills are going to be very useful on many occasions: – How to integrate a new collective labor? – How to establish an appropriate relationship with our bosses and subordinates? – How to say no without adversely affected the relationship? – How to act correctly in a business meeting? – How […]

Do You Prefer Quality Or Quantity ?

If there are common threads: what’s more important for a web site: visits or quality of visitors? The answer is far from absolute … “Seun (sic) it all depends on how you look”. A while back, as I was reviewing (audited?) With one of my clients the statistics of visits coming to an online travel […]

Advertising Advice

When advertisers use their articles in electronic journals or websites, they will stay with the biographical information containing links to your website at the end of his articles, which means that advertisers will contribute from their links from their websites to yours. These external links are taken into account in the SEO. If visitors who […]

Tips To Spy On Your Competition On The Internet

In the first part of this article, I showed two methods to find out more about your competition: Ego Searches and Competitive Intelligence. In this new note, we show some methods. Method 3: Google Alerts Google has a very little used by most employers. You going to and define alerts using the name or the […]

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