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Employment Dynamics

About Ida Alvarez believes that the main social problem Venezuelans are suffering, lack of stable and remunerative employment. Who are unemployed have no income, his life is degraded and self-esteem deteriorates. The Venezuelan economy is suffering from a chronic inability to generate jobs. There are currently 1,488,415 Venezuela 5,551,736 unemployed and engaged in informal economy. […]

Financial Trading Platforms for Hedge Funds

LOS GATOS, CALIFORNIA-(Marketwire – February 23, 2010) – Fiorano Software (fiorano. com), a pioneer in the data stream distributed peer-to-peer (equals), announced today that its FioranoMQ, the JMS server with shorter waiting times and greater data transfer, has deployed one of the leading U.S. hedge fund. UU. The hedge fund eight years ago built a […]

Business Competition

General Considerations: If what you say is more beautiful than silence: do not tell. The economic characteristics of the current scenarios are highly competitive businesses, dynamics, generating changes that have given way to a proactive marketing in favor of economies, technological developments, the markets are trying to meet the needs that consumers demand. This has […]

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