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Obligatory Civil Liability Insurance

Also, according to p.61 of the "Rules …" I have provided proof of my ownership of the damaged property. According to p.70 of the "Rules …" insurer within 30 working days from receipt of the documents referred to in paragraphs 44, 51, 53 – 56 61 of these Regulations, constitutes an act of the insured event, on the basis of which carries an insurance payment to the victim or send a written notice of full or partial denial of payment indicating the reasons for the refusal. According to p.71 of the "Rules …" in the act of an insurance case on the basis of available documents (opinions, calculations, invoices, etc.) are calculated insurance payment and indicate its size. A copy of the insured event is passed insurer to the victim. According to paragraph 2 of Article 13 of the Federal Law 'On Obligatory Civil Liability Insurance', the insurer shall consider the application of the victim of an insurance payment and the documents attached to it within 30 days from the date of receipt. During this period, the insurer is obliged to make an insurance payment to the victim or to send him a reasoned refusal. As a result of the accident was not caused damage to my health, but my property, then payment must be made in within 15 days from the date of granting me the documents provided p.44 and p.61 of the "Rules …".

These documents had been fully granted May 9, 2008. Thus, counting 30 days for drafting the Act on the insurance case, and for insurance payments, starting from 09 May 2008. Consequently, the 30 days provided to you in drafting the Act on the insurance claim and insurance payments, expired 09/06/08. On top of that you have not provided me a copy of the Act, an insurance case against the order established p.71 "Rules …". Thus, beginning with "09" June 2008. You roughly break time for insurance payments, thereby violating the conditions of the issued you License _____-D from __.__.2003g.

Based on the foregoing, I urge in 3 days: 1. To make an insurance payment in accordance with procedures established by paragraphs 70, 71, "Rules …" and paragraph 2 of Article 13 of the Federal Law 'On Obligatory Civil Liability Insurance', and strictly in the amount legislation. 2. Provide me a copy of the Act the insurance case, according to p.71 of the "Rules …". For a copy of the Act include a copy of the result of an independent examination. 3. Consider a voluntary payment to me The victim, AA, penalties for late payment of indemnity for each day beginning with '09 'in June 2008 in case of failure (or partial / incomplete / inadequate to meet my requirements) or absence answer I would have to go to court with a claim for compensation for my material and moral damages. In this case, the sum of the lawsuit will be added to court costs, including costs of services representative, by means of which I will be forced to resort, as well as compensation for moral damage. Applications: 1. A copy of the application for insurance payment ( ___ of ________). 2. A copy of the protocol on the case of APS ( ___ of ________). 3. A copy of the ruling on the case of APS ( ___ of ________). 4. A copy of the referral to assessment ( ___ of ________). 5. A copy of registration certificate ( ___ of ________). Sincerely, _____________ / AA Victim / (Signature) Date

Insurance Policies

Why do we buy a policy Surrogates In the wake of "credit boom" of 2004, most insurers 2008yy not questioned the choice of the best hull. The fact that the existence of the policy was and remains the hull requirement of the lending bank, which significantly increases the cost of the loan. Thus, the average cost of hull insurance for foreign car budget is about 7-10% of the cost of the car, and on new models VAZ can reach up to 15-18%. Plus, with this "credit insurance" the client's interests are not considered at all. CASCO insurance beneficiary (the one who receives compensation under an insurance case) as a rule – a bank, insurance company, with a high standard fare – from a list of the bank, mandatory alarm system (incidentally, another 3-5% of the cost of auto) – from a list of insurance companies. Few clients know, but up to 4 rubles – for every 10-and the value of "credit" is a hull insurance agents – auto show, insurance broker, bank. The remaining six rubles a risky part of insurance tariff from which to form insurance reserves. In fairness it should be noted that, in order to enhance the demand avtodillery offer truly the best helmet on the market, subsidizing insurance companies bid for your account.

Receiving at the hands of the insurance product on a "fair" price, many of our fellow citizens consider it their duty to "fight off" the cost of hull and regular payment to pay – compensation for the hull. In the course are bogus information about the accident, burglary and bogus sudden fire. Experts estimate about a third of insurance claims – a result of fraud. There is one important factor in making the hull more expensive is the cost of repair of Hull. Often accredited with the insurance company's car service deliberately overstates the cost of repairing the affected cars, and the difference is … well, more you know. Why the "direct insurance" – is actively promoted by insurers hit of the season, or almost cheaper insurance through an insurance broker? The answer is simple and paradoxical: it is a consequence of excessive competition for Market! After all, in order to, to bring its proposal to the client, the insurance company to spend huge sums on advertising or pay exorbitant rates to intermediaries, ie company promoting "cheap direct insurance" are the same 35-40% of the insurance rate is spending on advertising! Conclusions.

So how do you buy the best Surrogates 1.Izbegayte imposed or "credit insurance", in accordance with applicable antitrust bank may not compel you to make a deal (you can feel free to contact FAS), so that you can protect yourself in any company having a license. 2.Do not buy the hull where there are buying a car or take out a loan. Spend a little time – ring up the leading insurance companies and the leading insurance brokers directly. And if you feel sorry for the time – dial in any major search engine query such as 'Casco calculator' and you get a lot of suggestions about per hull for better conditions. 3.Ne buy "on" value-added services directly from insurance companies (the collection of references about the accident, the emergency commissioner, etc.), I think no need to explain that the emergency commissioner of your insurance company will be to you not objective, because it is as representative of the insurer is not interested in compensation for your damages. However, the relevant services offered by insurance brokers (independent party) may significantly save you money.

Casco Insurance

Are you interested in what constitutes price Casco? If yes, then read) Auto Insurance – interesting enough scope, and if gradually accumulate knowledge, it can be advantageous to apply them in their car insurance. Insurance Casco on the car gives a huge number of advantages in protecting car. To begin with, the cost of the policy for a specific car in a variety of insurance companies, such as Ingosstrakh, Uralsib Rosgosstrakh, and many others can differ by several thousands (sometimes tens of thousands of rubles). If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Publishers Clearing House. This is due to the fact that each company has its research department, which develops tariff guide. These rates are changed weekly. Departments vyplatnuyu analyze the company's history of cars on the various risks and increase or decrease rates. The cost of policy is influenced by such parameters as: 1.

Make and model of car 2. His Year 3. Anti-theft system whom he has 4. The number of persons admitted to management 5. Their separation by gender (male / female.) 6. Their marital status 7. Their age and length-8.

Term insurance 9. The territory of operation 10. The cost of each of these cars parameters in the POI or less effect on the value of the policy. Insurance companies relate differently to specific vehicles or drivers. These data are changed once every 2-3 weeks and can be expressed in figures, which are the cost per product. When choosing an insurance product should not be guided by its price. The most important parameters are: the reliability of the company and its history vyplatnaya. It is worth paying attention to the content of the services of your contract and carefully review the insurance rules of ground transportation. Make a calculation without knowledge of their own comprehensive insurance rates is virtually impossible. Ring up 20 mb of companies too time-consuming process. Can use the service broker or a form of communication, called Casco calculator.

Social Insurance Fund

for individuals – copies of passports and residence zip code, for legal entities – certificate of registration of enterprises in the Uniform State Register, a certificate of IIFTS confirming registration with, a certificate from the State Statistics Committee (codes). preparation for the Charter Registration Ltd, registration with the Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service LLC RF; assignment of codes to Goskomstat, print production company, registration with the tax inspectorate of the Russian Federation, registration with the Pension Fund, Medical Insurance in Social Insurance Fund; account opening banke.Samostoyatelnaya register your company name. If you had to state registration of your company had to invent a unique name, this is now not necessarily. Name of the company may be completely identical to the existing organization, your company differ wakes Primary State Registration Number (BIN), TIN, etc. In addition, without permission special interdepartmental commission in the name of the organization can not be used the word "Russia" or "Russian Federation", as well as their derivatives. If you need a legal registered company address to which it will be registered for young companies rent premises, let alone purchase it – an expensive business. But when registering LLC need a legal address to which it is registered.

Russian law does not prohibit the Company to register the home address of one of the members of society, but such a move can lead to certain problemy.Dokumenty required for registration LLC Statement on the appropriate form, Articles of Association; Memorandum of Association (if the founders of several) solution or protocol of general meeting of the company on its creation (a founder of the decision, a few – the protocol) solution or protocol of general meeting of the company on its creation (a founder of the decision, a few – minutes) A copy of passport and copy of TIN of each founder, copy of passport and copy of TIN from the CEO and Chief Accountant, Registered address society. Publishers Clearing House insists that this is the case. And so it is necessary to know the size of the share capital, the way it was paid and the distribution among the founders, the name and address of the bank where you plan to open calculated schet.Protsess registration LLC All of the above documents must be attributed to the tax office at the location of company within five days, your company must register and issue you a certificate of state registration. Then you need to make a print of your company, CEO must issue an order on his accession, as well as an order to assign responsibility for accounting and tax accounting. in the pension fund, the fund of obligatory medical insurance, social insurance fund, the State Statistical Committee, to conclude an agreement with the bank to open a bank account; That's actually the whole registration process in general terms. I wish you every success in this challenging yet exciting lesson..

Leningrad Insurance

Insurance companies put forward different demands regarding the storage car at night. (This applies to vehicles belonging to the "risk group") More recently, it was a common requirement to store car in the guarded parking lot the night of 00-00 hours to 6-00. The fight for new customers and a desire to please the banks – partners withdrew this requirement in the number of exceptions. This paragraph, the contract must be interested in separately. If you keep car at night in the guarded parking lot, it means extra costs. And that's half the battle, because in many areas to attach your car is not so easy. In the event that the company offers a choice between "free storage" and "Paid parking", the hull insurance policy in the second case will be cheaper. If you have an expensive car, which refers to a "risk group", then you may be required to use satellite navigation system.

At existence of such a system, insurers allow any storage of the car, and auto insurance rates for falls. Lowering the cost of comprehensive insurance policy to be on so many important, that it becomes financially advantageous to buy satellite system, or install a mechanical lock on the transmission than to pay for safe parking. A little about additional services. At least the client insurance company should be able to call traffic control of the insurer 24 hours a day (Manager advise clients to place and cause an accident required services), use services and emergency towing Commissioner. (if the services are included in the policy). Not Remember to find out where this service operates – only in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region or throughout the country.

Relatively tow notice on such nuance. There are two options! The first client of the insurance company is not involved in payment services tow truck. Click Nigel Butcher to learn more. The second – the car owner himself ordered and paid for tow truck, and then reimburse the cost of insurance. Some insurers offer an additional service collection of all primary references and documents. Insurance companies can assist a client who has just broken machine (call technical assistance and breakage is eliminated on the spot). Some companies sell it as a separate insurance product. There are options for combining with other types of insurance. For example, a client with comprehensive insurance policy, can for a nominal fee to expand coverage for CTP to 1 million rubles. Different options. Ability to get paid without clearance certificate from the traffic police or the police. This feature allows you to save time, nerves and money (because the traffic police already have the price list for registration information). Some companies pay compensation, if one element is damaged (glass or body). Others allow you to execute minor damage to a specified amount regardless of the number of elements. Sum can be designated not in absolute terms (eg no more than 500 dollarov_ or relative (3-5% of the sum insured) is important to understand what additional restrictions are made without payment certificates from the competent authorities. For example, can be stated: "once a year", "number no more than once a year", "any number of times."

Dog Liability Insurance

Who in Germany, others intentionally, negligently or unintentionally hurt or cause such an injury is liable up to the full extent of damage for 30 years. This can mean financial ruin in case of damage. With a corresponding liability insurance, the policyholder is protected. Intentional damage is not covered. The personal liability insurance dogs are not included. To a dog liability insurance is required. Only with a dog insurance can save the dog owner from compensation claims. The dogs also protects liability for unauthorized claims.

Also any legal fees or court costs to avoid the claims are paid. For some breeds of dogs in specific states to take out dog insurance is legally required. In other states there is a list. Here, certain breeds are classified as hazardous. Areva recognizes the significance of this. These animals can often only be completed with higher contributions from a dog insurance. Are crucial for regulation in case of damage Insurance terms and coverage of the dog liability. You can be different for each insurer. Therefore, operators must necessarily be compared.

Good insurers take over in case of damage the entire process. The policyholder is relieved of it completely. In the incident, it is irresponsible for dogs due to lack of insurance the damage is not, or can be paid only with a lag. The dogs should be liability for the dog owner as the mandatory dog license compulsory. Insurance is always locked to the specific animal. With more animals must also be included in the contract. If another dog is purchased, the insurer must be informed in writing. To search for a fare you can pass ends online portal for Versicherungsvergleicheche be very helpful. However, a suitable offer can be found only if she is not only choose the best providers. A very balanced dog insurance comparison can be found on

Insurance Workers: Global Practice

Provides workers' compensation insurance program that pays for medical care for workers injured on the job or become ill because of working conditions. Workers' compensation and provide benefits for the families of such workers in cases of death of the breadwinner. Loss of income due to accidents in the workplace was the main problem of workers from the application of automation in the industry. In Currently, most industrialized countries have laws on personal life insurance or private payment for workers' compensation. In the United States, almost all states require employers to provide workers' compensation insurance to cover. Federal law provides for such coverage for employees of the federal government and certain other employees. Injured workers typically receive about two-thirds of their salary as well as people with disabilities.

However, most states limit the amount of cash benefits for workers. But spending on health and life insurance are not being cut. Most States provide training for new jobs for workers who are unable to continue his old job because of injury. Some states restrict workers' compensation in agriculture and workers employed in small businesses. In most states, employers must pay the full cost of workers' compensation through taxes or insurance premiums. In a few states, such costs are funded from the general fund of the state. Each state manages its own compensation program, but the level of state involvement varies greatly between different countries.

Federal programs compensation are administered by the Office of the Ministry of Labour compensation. Employers developed countries responsible for the designated officers to the fullest. They made the employer liable for damage caused by a defective product or the employees of negligence on the part of management, the employer. In 1880, Britain had one of the first such laws. Similar laws were passed in Germany in 1883. In Austria passed a similar law in 1887. Norway, Finland, France, Denmark and Britain have adopted such laws in the 1890s. In the early 1900s, most other European countries have adopted laws on compensation, caused by the workers. Ten U.S. states have adopted laws on compensation to employees in 1911. Wisconsin was the first. Similar laws have been priyanty in Alaska and Hawaii, when they became states in 1959. Several states, however, compensation for harm to employees by employers is voluntary. More information about insurance in the world and in Russia, you can visit the website of insurance.

Life Insurance Ukraine

OOO "Kimberly-Clark Ukraine" organized trading of insurance employees. Tender won SC "Fortis Life Insurance Ukraine." The winner of the tender will be buying life insurance policies. In particular, employees will be insured for disability and death. Validity of the tender winner given policyholders will be 3 years. Also won the bidding insurance company provides insurance services brands AVON, Life, KNAUF, ABA, Weidmann, etc. According to the, bidding to purchase insurance services planned tender committee of the Kiev city state enterprise management "Ukrposhta".

We won the public bidding of the insurance company GP acquire insurance services of its facilities. According to the Ministry of Economy related to the source, which won the tender for the company insures 161 customer object. Since winning the tender insurers client will sign an agreement state procurement insurance services, operating in 2011. Bid security in the application for participation in the auction does not ring. The Board of the Southern Machine-Building Plant.

Makarova, plans to hold public bidding of insurance companies. The winner of the contest board of the plant will become mandatory liability insurance services. According to, in particular, who has won the insurance company will insure a liability the ship is operating the plant in case of damage to third parties, as well as damage to passengers or cargo ship. The tender will be held on March 10. Applications will be considered participants in the afternoon the same day. Purchasing services specializing in insurance companies are required to state Ukrainian postal operator "Ukrposhta". Tender for the state-run insurance company appointed on 10 March. To participate in the tender bank guarantee is required of the successful tender of the company will acquire the property insurance services, is located at 22 sites-mail. The winners will be bidding contract government purchases of services insurance facility, located in the Chernihiv region. The term of this agreement – in 2011.

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