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Obligatory Civil Liability Insurance

Also, according to p.61 of the “Rules …” I have provided proof of my ownership of the damaged property. According to p.70 of the “Rules …” insurer within 30 working days from receipt of the documents referred to in paragraphs 44, 51, 53 – 56 61 of these Regulations, constitutes an act of the insured […]

Insurance Policies

Why do we buy a policy Surrogates In the wake of “credit boom” of 2004, most insurers 2008yy not questioned the choice of the best hull. The fact that the existence of the policy was and remains the hull requirement of the lending bank, which significantly increases the cost of the loan. Thus, the average […]

Insurance Workers: Global Practice

Provides workers’ compensation insurance program that pays for medical care for workers injured on the job or become ill because of working conditions. Workers’ compensation and provide benefits for the families of such workers in cases of death of the breadwinner. Loss of income due to accidents in the workplace was the main problem of […]

Life Insurance Ukraine

OOO “Kimberly-Clark Ukraine” organized trading of insurance employees. Tender won SC “Fortis Life Insurance Ukraine.” The winner of the tender will be buying life insurance policies. In particular, employees will be insured for disability and death. Validity of the tender winner given policyholders will be 3 years. Also won the bidding insurance company provides insurance […]

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