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Soil Winter

In this case, perform the following additional requirements: the land around the plant, slated for transplant, as well as in places of their transplant to keep from freezing by loosening and filling with dry leaves, loose soil, Dry powdery snow or hide insulated mats made from scrap materials (firewood, straw, boards, etc.), sites of plants […]

Skewers Of Pork

Summer – the time when you want to happen more often in nature. And, of course, nice to relax Prepare a tasty and succulent barbecue pork. But wait, it’s important to choose the meat for shish kebab. It is desirable that pork was young and fresh, not frozen. Meat should be light pink. And when […]

Merlin: Master Of Fantasy

Of all the characters from the Arthurian legend, Merlin is the most complex, and therefore the hardest to understand. Not surprisingly, some see him as divine qualities, and consider him just a man, like a spirit who is accountable to higher powers … and that has a higher purpose. While it is true that in […]

King European Mountains

from the awareness of the task execution to achieve the goal, a dream come true … and something else unexplained. I wept for joy as the first time, although this time I did was not so hard to climb, there were no confounding factors not accounted for to persuade themselves to reach, reach, reach, and […]


This article addresses the issue of migration in the case of people over 40 or 50 Many of the people over forty to dren have asked themselves at some time, whether it was worth trying to immigrate to a new beginning in another country. This question often arises after a failure sentimental. You might think […]

Photograph Landscapes

Landscape photography – a very complex process, which should take into account the brightness of light, time, and many other parameters. The most important thing – the use of light. After all, in different weather different light: in the overcast – scattered, a bright sunny weather without clouds – hard. The fact that the hard […]

Indoor Aluminum

The basic rule in choosing – to purchase goods only from reputable manufacturers. The same should pay attention to some of the metal is made of cable. Aluminum cable is cheaper, but it rapidly oxidizes in contact with air, has limited flexibility and a lower conductivity compared to copper cable. Copper cable is more expensive […]

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