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Soil Winter

In this case, perform the following additional requirements: the land around the plant, slated for transplant, as well as in places of their transplant to keep from freezing by loosening and filling with dry leaves, loose soil, Dry powdery snow or hide insulated mats made from scrap materials (firewood, straw, boards, etc.), sites of plants should be prepared immediately before planting, the plant must installed in a pit on the 'pillow' of unfrozen soil, backfilling around the coma, and bare root system must be made of melting ground, for the transplant with a lump may be an admixture of frozen lumps not larger than 15 cm in not more than 10% of the total number of buried soil, lumps of frozen soil should not be concentrated in one place when planting a bare root system, the use of frozen soil is not allowed; after planting should be made watering holes and shelter from freezing; garter planted trees should be done in the spring. Transplanting trees and shrubs with a frozen lump of the winter allowed at or below -15 C. Degree of stability and a better survival rate during winter transplant trees and shrubs with a frozen lump of the numerous observations of tree species can be arranged in the following order (From best to worst): larch, spruce, barbed, Norway spruce, Scots pine, mountain ash, small-leaved lime, apple Siberian, birch and downy, maple yasenelistny, Canadian poplar, elm ordinary, Norway maple. When winter transplant trees and shrubs with a frozen lump of possible irrigation water after planting. Established that the freezing coma leads to excessive desiccation and breaking his moisture content of root system of plants. Watering after planting in the winter you can restore the water balance and accelerate the thawing of the soil clod and touch it with the rest of the soil environment. Areva takes a slightly different approach.

After planting arrange around-trunk well. After the soil settlement add melted vegetable land surface wells leveling and insulate the plants. To do this within the boundaries of the well evenly 20 – 25 cm pour vegetable land or shallow peat pour a layer of snow 40 – 50 cm in spring after the thaw of the soil all the plants of the winter planting should be checked. The slope straighten, but do not sling a barrel, and excavations of the earth on the back side of the slope to the bottom coma. Then dig through the bottom, whom gently lowered into place in vertical position of plants and plant the ground to sleep with careful packing. Plants enhance stretching that attaches to the barrel with straps pads. Laid in early spring to around-trunk during the winter planting holes are insulated material must be removed and constructed wells for irrigation. The plants should be established regular care.

Skewers Of Pork

Summer – the time when you want to happen more often in nature. And, of course, nice to relax Prepare a tasty and succulent barbecue pork. But wait, it's important to choose the meat for shish kebab. It is desirable that pork was young and fresh, not frozen. Meat should be light pink. And when you click on it to quickly restore the form. Hikmet Ersek will not settle for partial explanations.

Barbecue is better to choose collar – the most tender meat. But it is well suited and ham, loin and loin. Further, it is important to marinate the meat. Avoid using mayonnaise and vinegar. Interrupting the very first taste of meat, and the second – it dries.

To prepare the marinade, take the onions (the proportion of meat 1:1) black pepper and dry white wine. Leave the meat to marinate for several hours. It is believed the longer the pickled meat, the softer will be barbecue. Then lubricate the skewers with fresh cut onion and put them on pieces of meat. Here important pieces of string along the fibers. Roast until the meat is not completely fry. Enjoy your meal.

Merlin: Master Of Fantasy

Of all the characters from the Arthurian legend, Merlin is the most complex, and therefore the hardest to understand. Not surprisingly, some see him as divine qualities, and consider him just a man, like a spirit who is accountable to higher powers … and that has a higher purpose. While it is true that in the literature, there are clear similarities with other figures such as Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings, some features and aspects of Merlin make it a unique character. Some sources / interpretations describe him as a pagan witch. Others, as I said, believe that this is an immortal, born of magic itself and walking through the world with a purpose unknown to everyone but himself.

Well get Merlin to keep its intentions secret. To say that the goal is to help Merlin Arthur to become a worthy king to Camelot would see only one side of the coin. Yes, of course, this is among their plans, and is something that puts all their effort, and hence become a counselor, mentor and guide him as both his knights. But Merlin believes a medieval knight is much more than a clever man with the sword, and that mouth full of words like honor, courage and justice. It is said that Merlin is in the heart of men, and because of their high virtues is able to see through the vanity, ambition and deception as easily as a cat see at night, and often prevents Arthur and the Knights against the destructive power of such feelings.

King European Mountains

from the awareness of the task execution to achieve the goal, a dream come true … and something else unexplained. I wept for joy as the first time, although this time I did was not so hard to climb, there were no confounding factors not accounted for to persuade themselves to reach, reach, reach, and dedicate ourselves to overcome the ascent of the people dear to me. At this time I seemed to come back home after long years of absence. Everything was familiar and dear – the same clear blue sky, majestic mountains, like the loyal subjects okruzhayushie Elbrus, a thick blanket of clouds, wrapped them, and he – a grand, great and mighty King European Mountains. How do I love thee, peerless Elbrus! I can not live without you for a long time, miss you and I will return to you again and again because, you remember you left a piece of my soul, soaked in your atmosphere, and attracted to you.

I can not for a long time and often look at you every time you look different, unique, every time I've noticed in you is something new and I can not look away, and when I close my eyes, your image is still standing in them, like a flash glare. Thank you, Great, which again gave me his hand and gave her lips to touch snow, your tops! Wept and talked privately with Elbrus, I gradually began to recover. Pulled up my comrades – each with their emotions, who is drunk with happiness, some from gornyashki who are from both at once.


This article addresses the issue of migration in the case of people over 40 or 50 Many of the people over forty to dren have asked themselves at some time, whether it was worth trying to immigrate to a new beginning in another country. This question often arises after a failure sentimental. You might think that such a move would be aimed only at people between 20 and 30 but the person over 40 or 50 has no reason to fear taking this step. Quite the contrary, the mature person brings with still a lot more experience, courage and knowledge that people between 20 and 30. The mature person can experience based on better analysis of all factors that must be taken into account before making the decision and it certainly can and start planning the new better. Even better starting conditions will a person over 40 wish to take this step with your partner, even though the partner can support each other when making decisions and adapting to a new environment. The love within a multi-year relationship, such as exists within a couple over 50 who has kept alive the love, can be a great support when coping with a new beginning in a country where the social, economic and political differ much from those of the country of origin. If someone without a partner, greater than 40 or 50 decided to take this step to start a new life in another country can use it to initiate a new beginning and the same emotional and perhaps find a new partner for the rest of his life.

In this case is very important to put aside all possible prejudices against the inhabitants of the country and trying to make friends with them as soon as possible. While contact with people of the same nationality can be very pleasant and friendly when you are abroad, should by all means try to strengthen ties with the inhabitants of the country. The person aged 50 to 40 or damage that may decide to migrate to maintain contact with friends, family and many others who share the same interests in the country of origin through the leading international platform for the generation of over 40. activagers makes available to its users, free of charge, all the functions that the mature person may need to maintain contact with friends and family, find new friends or even a new partner. So do not hesitate activagers join and be part of this active community.

Photograph Landscapes

Landscape photography – a very complex process, which should take into account the brightness of light, time, and many other parameters. The most important thing – the use of light. After all, in different weather different light: in the overcast – scattered, a bright sunny weather without clouds – hard. The fact that the hard light leaves a very deep shadow, and we want the entire frame was the most detailed. Here are some tips: 1. It is best to shoot on a cloudy day or at the time the light was not so hard. 2.

Use the sky in the frame, especially the clouds. They are very well look at the photograph, your frame of this will only just beautiful. 3. Do not be afraid of precipitation: rain, snow, etc. Frames are obtained with them simply gorgeous. But do not forget to protect your camera and accessories. 4.

Configure the correct settings. This is one of the most important in landscape photography. Correct exposure – the perfect shot. Best for landscape photography suitable wide-angle lenses. They cover more area. But the long-focus too handy with them, you can narrow perspective, thus to get more details in the frame. Best experiment, sometimes it seems that the frame will fail, and the result is a masterpiece. Another very important point: Make sure you check the weather, especially when you go on the trip. Look at the next day weather, and at 3-4 days in advance to have representation all the more so that the projections for 1 day are not very accurate. And you should always be prepared. The best helper is a polarizing filter, it eliminates glare. Picture will be brighter contrasting and interesting. But he will have to use a tripod, because it transmits less light, and as a result – will have to increase exposure. For more details, you can read on the site about photography: How to Photograph landscape

Indoor Aluminum

The basic rule in choosing – to purchase goods only from reputable manufacturers. The same should pay attention to some of the metal is made of cable. Aluminum cable is cheaper, but it rapidly oxidizes in contact with air, has limited flexibility and a lower conductivity compared to copper cable. Copper cable is more expensive aluminum, but devoid of its shortcomings. Experts are not just advised to take the aluminum cable, but also advised replace the wiring from aluminum to copper wire cable.

Just when you select should determine the section of cable (or rather cross-sectional area). Cable diameter should be chosen with the expectation of future network load. Should take into account the fact that for aluminum wire should be selected section of a step up, because their conductivity is about 60% of the conductivity of copper cable. The main types of cross sections: 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2.5, 4, 6. Unit of measurement section – square millimeter (mm2). For residential premises suitable home pvs wire, cables, vvg, VVGng, nym. The latter type of cable provides an extra layer of chalk, rubber insulation, which prevents the formation of cracks at operating in adverse conditions. As the outer insulation is used in more flexible plastic, which also improves security. As a result, this cable is gaining popularity.

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