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Depending on the size and width, you can use them as tracks, on sofas and rugs chairs, or hang on the wall. With regard to patterns and colors in carpet weaving in Azerbaijan allocated a number of traditional schools. carpet – mottled, multicolored, usually with a red background, and the master of Ganja and gases in contrast, typically costing a small number of colors, their carpets are soft, but very harmonious on the pattern and scale. Shirvan carpets – with complex, rich oriental pattern. Baku has traditionally are dark blue, occasionally – a yellow background. They are extremely soft and saturated colors.

So you can pick up the carpet to suit every taste and interior! Incidentally, the carpets, which are stores in other countries often marry Persian, actually made Azerbaijani craftsmen. In addition to the carpet, you should pay attention to other carpets. First of all, it’s bag – convenient, practical and, most importantly, a completely unique: second one would never find! For the ladies will agree, this is a serious argument. And in general in Azerbaijan carpet is almost everything. Even caskets or chests for storing clothes. One of the most inexpensive and original gifts carpet – it stands for cups and a teapot.

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