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At the same time a banner is powerful impact on the image and at the expense of its image may achieve the desired effect, and without going to the advertiser's site. Therefore, in contrast to contextual advertising where the advertiser charged fees for referrals to the advertised site, the fee for placing a banner generally depends on number of hits, but also on where in the (visible or not) will be placed this banner. These methods of advertising are perhaps the best known, most popular and therefore most frequently offered promotional agencies. At the same time the modern Internet has other, sometimes unique and interesting features. We call some of them: – advertisement The signature electronic network. Many people know and do not like spam mail.

But in Unlike spam – unauthorized distribution of email messages – there is mailing list, which the user subscribes himself, voluntarily, and the parish are looking forward to. These lists can be published unique copyrighted material, and training, industry news, announcements, site reviews, etc. Of course, along with these materials in the newsletter can include unobtrusive advertising message, image articles, and even animated banner ad. Ins delivery are interested subscribers (there are mailing can be from several hundred to several tens and even hundreds of thousands), as well as the possibility of multiple effects on audience with the publication of advertisements in several issues of distribution. There are other pluses mailings, which we will not talk. – Article marketing – writing, design and placement in a special way on the Internet with articles Link to your website.

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