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In this type of offices, where to lack own personnel or to have a little number of operations, by much dynamic management that realise hardly will revert the present situation of slope of margins, they can improve although it partly. These pharmacies realise an extraordinary work of public health with permanent guards and must be the powers public those that guarantee a minimum to them of subsistence, by means of additional measures, emphasizes Carlos Garci’a Maurio. The best fan The services that Asefarma offers as Consultant’s office of Dynamic Management of pharmacies is following: – Strategic consultancy. Advising to the pharmacy in the management of purchases and sales. for additional information. – Formation.

Directed to the holders and employees of the pharmacy with the intention to obtain one better preparation and an increase in the productivity – Human resources. Search of personnel and employment agency: Taking care of the request of the personnel required by the pharmacy, facilitarvarios Curriculum vitae that adapt to the profile – Protocols of quality. With the work procedures it is tried to simplify and to standardize the handling of the different aspects from the pharmacy facing improving them and optimizing to the maximum the times and costs. Protocols of work elaborated for the pharmacy will be facilitated – Services of audit and consultancy of quality. For all those pharmacies interested in that they realise audit to them, for the fulfillment and pursuit of the quality protocols – Preferential agreements with companies. With these agreements their clients obtain special advantages and discounts. Also they have agreements with distribution wholesalers, companies of reforms, furniture and computer science software, among others.

– Group of purchases: Puntofarma. Association of several pharmacies to obtain better commercial conditions, to optimize the stock and to have an interchange of experiences and knowledge. – Plan of marketing and loyalty. His Basic Package offers to realise monthly campaigns of marketing with graphical material and hours of consultancy, and/or a plan of fidelity for the pharmacy, with cards of loyalty and data base of clients.

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