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While everything is confusion, from the financial system it has been tried unfruitfully to the moment, the rescue of Lehman Brothers. The British bank Barclays Plc (LSE: BARC; NYSE: BCS), that was interested initially in their acquisition, has not managed to reach an agreement to obtain the support of others organizations, or the contribution of financial guarantees on the part of the American Government, and it is for that reason that stopped on this attempt. For the British bank, to remain with Lehman would be impossible without aid of the American government like the granted one in March existed so that JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM), realises the purchase of Bear Stearns. Paulson, in dangerous declarations on the matter and trying a species of answer for Barclays, affirmed that the bottoms of the contributors I did not have to be used again to rescue to a financial company/signature would not like to be in the place of Paulson when the government of the United States announces a new rescue (which would not be to be strange that it takes place during this week). After the attempt of Barclays, the Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) and two Asian investment funds were others interested in the acquisition of Lehman Brothers. In principle, apparently the Bank of America also has stopped on the attempt. The certain thing beyond the outcome of this is that, the fourth investment bank of the EE.UU are crossing perhaps, their last hours of existence.

But still Hace are more new features hours was known that the Bank of America announced that is in conversations outposts to buy Merrill Lynch (NYSE: MER), the third investment bank of Wall s$street, by an amount US$ base 38,250 million. Merrill Lynch, whose action they the past registered Friday a fall of more of 12% in its value, and that, product of the crisis prevails, are lost around US$ 52,000 million, are another one of the organizations that run serious risks of falling, reason why would not see with bad eyes accept the proposal of the Bank of America. As it is possible to be appreciated, after past more of a year of the beginning of this crisis, on the possible new victims it is not being spoken of smaller organizations (not even of so large half), but of great players of the North American and international financial system. The gravity of the crisis demonstrated in these events does that to speak of economic recovery in the EE.UU for next months it is like thinking about something utopian. Every time it is more in clear that the worse thing of the financial crisis more likely not yet is past, but Somebody knows at what moment of the financial crisis we were?

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