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Basically they offer lower prices to those seen in offers or to those achieved with discount coupons based on the theoretical appeal of collective purchases. The idea is good but it has certain limits, as needing the buying group is realized in a city, that certain business remain outside because of the impossibility of achieving the economies of scale that require these sites (discounts on pvp tend to roam between 60 and 85 per cent to which we should add the commercial margin of these sites). Clubs of testers: sites like Bopki, trnd, etc. are clubs of testers where used mouth, mouth ear (or as each which like to call), as a Marketing strategy. This type of clubs achieved a link between the company and the potential client or consumer giving samples of products for testing in exchange for the opinion of the consumer. They require all organizational device and a strong presence of a community manager to keep high the audience of the community which must always be present and expectant even when not appear new projects. This type of strategy is based on 52% of people (2) employing personal recommendation in decision making and the result is good because they generate a domino effect in the opinion of the brand. Anyway, these are some of the current strategies to learn about products or services, increase sales, selling a given stock, etc.

Not all are new, free samples or coupons discount are used since many years ago and without saying the deals. From the point of view of pricing policy, we must be cautious with such actions to provoke not a cannibalization of the distribution channels and perhaps an anger by our regular and loyal consumers. Let us not forget also that the ultimate objective of a particular promotion will always be that the volume of sales after promotion, is greater than the existing sales volume before starting the promotion. We must therefore be considered as a peak of sales promotion and the tool necessary so that our product or service is better known or is best considered by the market as before.

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