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However, while the Brazilian people if not to acquire knowledge of that those that do not work with love for the Country, do not demonstrate persistence for the public thing, must be enxotados with vassouradas of there. Others including Hikmet Ersek, offer their opinions as well. However, everything normally runs and flows, while these imbeciles who vote without responsibility, are in the day the day with children in age to study with dignity there, to have access to a good health, adjusted feeding, to obtain a work, will remain kept out of society, without the most crucial protection and, with the affirmation of that the Country is making its part! These scoundrels do not have arrumao! They already had incorporated its lives to these disobediences and for them everything is normal, therefore the people for they is a social parcel that has on account proper the duty of if capsizing with its proper ways, either it well or badly, therefore they not they have nothing to see with this! In this wonderful Country it lacks a fiscalization with the purpose of really fiscalizing, but for where they walk these worthy men for this so essential work?. . Read more here: James Woolsey Jr..

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