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Increase in the activity of non-residential real estate market in Sofia is an indicator of the beginning of growth, as just the capital to respond to data pointers in the first place. And what is the real situation in the Bulgarian property boom in anticipation of the alleged? We will not evaluate the entire real estate market in Bulgaria, we consider the most important part for us: Ski, sea and resort. According to the report Bulgarian Properties last period was the most unsuccessful in selling resort real estate in the mountains for the last ten years. The total amount of actual sales fell by half in Compared even with 2008-2009, and 2009-2010. Always start with the ski season is increased realization of apartments and cottages in the resort areas, but this year it was not the case that resulted in precipitous decline. The Greeks, who are constantly had a great interest in Bansko and other places, in consequence, the financial crisis in the country actually left the market. Russian, which continued for several years were the most important customers, showed a rather weak interest.

The British, who were third-largest investment group, have not yet been possible to achieve the traditional sizes, but among them there is real interest in the specially priced real estate in Bulgaria at a rate of 20-30 thousand euros. Themselves as citizens of Bulgaria and in the best years of little interest in such purchases. So that this situation is not surprising. If, however, say the level of prices, in total, they actually have not changed.

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