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General Considerations: If what you say is more beautiful than silence: do not tell. The economic characteristics of the current scenarios are highly competitive businesses, dynamics, generating changes that have given way to a proactive marketing in favor of economies, technological developments, the markets are trying to meet the needs that consumers demand. This has led companies through its resources, especially human take very seriously the role that each member of the organization to play for results that favor. This has been observed changes in many functions from top executives, to the technical work and, of course. What concerns us in this time the executive secretary. Not surprisingly, Fernando Vigorena type in relation to the subject, to consider that we live in a changing era and a time of change resulting in a genuine process of structural anorexia experienced by modern enterprise outsourcing of functions means to external suppliers, network structures, the transition from mass markets to niche markets and a generally unfavorable environment “to make career” in companies with removable structures, disposable, portable, disposable and so are virtual constantly changing.

Precisely these changes demand of entrepreneurs with a vision to give way to their potential, skills, experiences that promote their performance in achieving the functions to be performed. The current reality in this business are facing major challenges that involve changes to restructure its operations, forcing its management more careful in this kind of organizational structure is needed, as well as in the description of the tasks to be team play, that accompany him for results that favors the organization.

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