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The title of this article is, as you can read: SE TU same. The foregoing is, if I may call it that, a concept; a substantial concept in any activity that we conduct our lives and of any nature that this is. In my daily work, with consequential damages interpersonal relationships, I have noticed, as, without a doubt, all readers, who in the world academic, political and business there are good and bad. The great dilemma is who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? Does not correspond to this server, nor is it the purpose of this article, such judgement, especially if one takes into account that good and evil are qualitative concepts whose assessment could become subjective, i.e. why I consider good or why I feel bad? those who consider me well and who I consider bad? When I consider good and when they consider me wrong? me I think well or consider myself bad?. Taking into account that, according to the context of our articles, the concepts of good or bad, such which are used in this paper are not referred to bad thug, thief, murderer, etc., but it is referred to the quality of the performance as an entrepreneur or entrepreneurial internet business, or beyond employer as teacher, tutor or mentor for those wishing to conduct business on the internet, also to the content that is provided to the learner, and very important to the relevance of the content with the stage of learning.

(Example: I’ll give you, or worse still you sell 300 templates html, but still not raisins by the stage of editing in html). So then, we who are self-proclaimed gurus of business (online and offline) and with those who are proclaimed as gurus by third parties. This, from my point of view entails serious dangers, however in this article I will refer only to one of them: the danger of falling into frustration and also scare with the jacket of the dead.

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