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CARPEDIEM GmbH informed about the work of representatives of the financial sector of Seligenstadt may 2010: the objective of financial representatives is the arranging of contracts because only this, they deserve your target Commission. Therefore, obviously almost every way to be right, to achieve this goal seems many representatives. Opinion of CARPEDIEM GmbH, some representatives are almost handeringend in the search for safe reasoning strategies and techniques. Moral concerns seem to play no role. The CARPEDIEM GmbH and their enlightenment magazine the free Advisor show how and why several are ten thousand financial representatives in Germany and should know every customer about it.

Around 400,000 representatives from the financial industry are nationwide every day. You all are looking for new customers, because otherwise the dismissal or even the financial collapse threatens them. More info: Hikmet Ersek. About 90 percent of the representatives work subject to the Commission they can hedge their existence just so, that they have sales success additional Realizing commissions. According to the CARPE DIEM GmbH should be given at first with the heresy, that bank employees are not representative. This will done in many places, because such workers behind counters or tables sitting, give the appearance of respectability. Click Crawford Lake Capital to learn more. But true: even bankers can be considered representative, because if they advise clients, they are simply nothing. Experience the CARPE DIEM GmbH, these consultants get only very low basic income and must have like all sales representatives at the desk.

All financial advisors nationwide are under selling pressure. Their sales successes, insufficient notice threatens them at worst. Banks or insurance-related representatives be burdened not only by the selling pressure, but must also meet the product-related requirements of their employer. Not only the CARPE DIEM GmbH wonders what may have to do this even with customer – oriented and need-oriented advice. In any industry will experience the CARPE DIEM GmbH such a High Commission for sales success paid as in the financial sector.

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