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If we want to start their own businesses and we are passionate about the topic of gastronomy, but we do not have sufficient capital to open a restaurant, a good alternative (especially if we have passion for service) is to create a catering company. A catering company is a company that provides food and beverages to events such as marriages, teenagers, anniversaries, christenings, among others. Catering companies are based on the preparation and transfer of food and beverages, although they also offer additional services such as the decor of the place where will be held the event, the placing of tables and chairs, linens and cutlery, waiters and cleaning staff, and even, the animation of the event. Popular belief that to create a catering company you should invest a lot of money, however, this is not correct; There are catering companies that organise large and costly events, but if we’re just starting, we could segment the market and begin managing our services to an audience of not so high purchasing power. One of the advantages of this type of business and, precisely, one of the reasons that it does not require a large investment, is that, unlike a restaurant, we do not need to have a venue where customers have to go, but that we can manage it from our own House. The preparation of food, if we have a good season, even this business can be a great opportunity to exploit our culinary skills; or, in any case, can always resort to hiring the services of a good cook. Also, it is not necessary to prepare all the food that the client requested, but, in case of not having the equipment or personnel to prepare them, we could purchase them from a third party, for example, the desserts could purchase them from any pastry that eventually could become our supplier.

The same in the case of staff, we could have a permanent staff, but in some cases, according to the magnitude of the event and to the client’s requirements, it may be necessary temporarily hire a larger staff. And the same in the case of the premises, if the client does not have a lounge where tell us to move food and drinks, we would have to contact a provider who rented us their facilities. For this business it is not necessary to count with a fixed staff nor an own local, but yes it is necessary to count with a basic equipment which might include kitchens, ovens, cookers, blenders, crockery, cutlery, glassware, belongings, etc. To attract our customers first, we could start offering our services to friends or family members who organize small events, until we gradually acquire greater experience, make us known, and begin to be recommended. It must be borne in mind that these first events in which we participate, as well as allowing us to gain experience, will help to take their photos and with these create our presentation book and our website. A way to promote our business is, precisely, a web page, especially taking into account that many people they tend to seek the catering service via the Internet. On this website we publicariamos photos of the events where we have participated, and we could also include some testimonials from customers who have served and who have been satisfied with our services.

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