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Secrets of success of Spanish artists have their roots in the Middle Ages, when the first factory, borrowed technology and ceramic glazes and blending of the Eastern peoples, began to publish the first mosaic, later production expands, more and more oriented to the mass market and began producing ceramic plates, later transformed into ceramic tiles. Italian masters adopted the art of making tiles from the Venetians, were considered first in medieval Europe, merchants and travelers. However, despite similar motives and technology, Spanish and Italian schools of manufacturing glaze, firing ceramics and patterning have evolved in different directions. Talking about the Spanish tile, it is worth mentioning pronounced Iranian and Moorish influence, in fact until the very expulsion of Muslims from Spain secrets of ceramic tile there owned exclusively Arabs, and only under duress, they were compelled to share these secrets with the Spaniards. Italian tile, technologies and techniques production which was once simply umyknuli Spaniards, however, has pronounced differences. If the Spanish tile is made for quality and strength, the Italians did the emphasis on elegance forms and the beauty of the picture. However, quality Italian tiles are often inferior to Spanish. Classical, Spanish and Italian tiles for centuries was a wall.

Wall tiles decorated and ennobled both interior and facades. In those days the floor was covered in traditional dwellings parquet or natural stone. Floor tiles are a relatively recent, and its appearance enhanced by development technologies. Complex process has yielded an unusually strong ceramic tiles, the secret strength of which was that its composition was added granite dust. This floor tile has name porcelanosa, under the name of the special clay, which served as the main ingredient for its manufacture – portselana. To date, Italian and Spanish ceramic tile can be found everywhere. Any store ceramic tile has a range of at least a few samples of Italian and Spanish tiles. Best Italian tiles for floors and walls are products under the trademark and Fap Ceramiche Viva Ceramica. Best Spanish firms for the manufacture of ceramic Tiles are Perodna and Porcelanosa.

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