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The color is truly powerful. In conjunction with the directions of musical influence it can lead to healing in even the most complex cases. It is not just about organic diseases, but also on heavy psychosis. Mysterious color, since it allows for a few minutes by the nature of preference "to calculate" something intimate interior, which sometimes does not know and the man himself. Color is vital to everyone, for nourishing the body and supports the soul. Color of the deepest properly included in the cultural traditions and biologically related to psychogenetically code each person. It has been known since ancient times.

Day today requires translation centuries of accumulated knowledge to the language of modern science. Color vitally important to physicians and artists, psychologists and builders, educators and advertisers, researchers and politicians. The color is synonymous with mental states, mental processes akin to the color, the color is close to the most important, most deeper, more true in our souls. Physiologists have long known that one particular color makes any person from any cultural layer is not only the same perception, but also exactly the same impression, regardless of the mood of the subject. For example, red stimulates and activates, while blue calms and inhibits. That is the objective validity of psychology of color. Individually different, however, is personal sympathy, indifference or antipathy rights with respect to any color. There is even a school of healing with color. For the first time ponder this ancient Greeks: passing through the window of the temple, the color is divided into spectrum, thus, a person absorbs the color that I wanted.

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