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It is interesting as all the things, any subject, for simpler than either, can awake productive dialogues, that make in them to think and we reproduce when it take other people to think. A nugget, an only letter, a trace makes difference in communication or is whim, exaggerates or same incautiousness, either of the part of who produces the message or from it receives who it, or if one may use the expression it decodes technical it? Somebody estabanado will say that ‘ ‘ detalhezinho’ ‘ of a nugget, comma or of one letrinha changed, placed in the wrong place will not make difference I thought, I thought and I enter a sip of guaran light and another one concludes that to think thus it is maken a mistake. Then, we go to my arguments, some until I did not arrive to total display to the Tito and too much colleagues. One letter more or to less makes difference and much. Somebody that calls Daniel changeds into Daniela if the scribe, for incautiousness, to place simple ‘ ‘ a’ ‘ more. Already it thought the bureaucratic and serious stamp of the court records department, the protocols of public distributions turns glad rhythm carimb and everything because of an acute accent, that could pass in way disregarded in a revision? simple perninha of cedilha? So small how much important and transforming. It can make a song to turn ‘ ‘ canco’ ‘ , that he must be the popular name of a bird, that our brothers northeasterns call ‘ ‘ song-of-fogo’ ‘.

The one lack ‘ ‘ r’ ‘ it transforms murro of the fighter into the wall that the mason constructs. This exactly ‘ ‘ r’ ‘ increased it makes of the bravest soldier a pacato soldering iron, that only fight for the bread inside of some steel mill. At last, as we are filosofando if nugget, letter, perninha of cedilha has immense value, imagines then the value of each human being, for more defective than it can be? To lock up and not to leave doubt on the importance of any nugget or letter, a real history. Certain time I noticed intense climate of stress in a great periodical where I worked. You command pulling out the hair, searches of culprits and everything what it had happened was to have lacked, in the Necrology Column, a letter in the last name of one of the deceaseds. I thought that gravity such detail would have? I understood when reading that the last name was Oak and vocs already they imagine that letter lacked. The family lamented to lose somebody beloved and annoyed itself with the periodical, therefore something so sad almost turned joke It goes to say that an only letter is not important!

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