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Another common method of fraud in lending is making the documents required for a loan. Typically, this package includes: manufacturer copy of employment record, certified by the employer making inquiries about income on Form 2-income tax or in the form of the bank telephone confirmation of employment price of such "package" from various sources ranging from 10 to 15 thousand Usually rubles production of documents is as follows: for copies of the work book and an income statement is stamped defunct organization, which turns an elementary security services of the bank (by the way, if want specific information can be obtained from public sources). In a more advanced version of the documents stamped serving organizations. With regard to telephone confirmation of 'employer': in the first all I would like to note that the Security Bank also checks the phone number belonging to an organization, ie, for a legal entity registered phone number. Typically, fraudsters will use direct number of cellular operators registered to an individual, have no relation to the organization that certified the documents of the Client. It turns out that the essence of business fraud is reduced to what can make any people themselves (this is not a call to action ), make prints for 400-900 rubles to buy a direct number to come up with a legend for the bank and forward Just do not need to re-evaluate their strength, and think that everything is silly. As Typically, the state security services of the bank comes from former law enforcement officers who have behind them no small experience of operational work, for which distinguish good clients from the client-cheater a matter of time. However, they are punctures.

And what do we have as a result: The customer is spending money on false identities certain amount of money on virtually 100% of the Bank's clients refuse to issue a credit. The result is obvious: people spent their money and credit and has not received. Return the money paid for the production of documents is impossible (not to the same to the police with a confession, saying I had paid for forged documents, but I am a scoundrel fraudsters tricked). ps Be careful when choosing a broker. Company Discount Finance, honest assistance in obtaining a loan

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