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Advice for computer consulting and service is discussed here before on the advice about computer, consulting and service are a few basic observations are discussed. In particular, the computer, some features at a consultation or with the Service are valued highly exaggerated. Thus, the frequencies now feasible, thus the speed of processors, while extremely fast, yet well controlled, a useful advice or service should respond to it that would be sufficient for ordinary applications, even a small part of this computing power. Depending on the type of application you need for various computer processing power. This would include: programming, surfing, action games, video editing and various multimedia applications.

Who picks up at a conference or a service request number of experts on the issue concerning the optimal rate computer is replaced, at least twice as many answers. The questions, which will be discussed here are, therefore, purely subjective to . Rate Furthermore, it is considered that transforms the field of computer technology very quickly. The above discussion of the optional equipment for a computer can thus be outdated at the time of reading long ago. What must clarify a consultation as a service to the computer? * CD / DVD: When a new computer today is a DVD burner is absolutely necessary. * Floppy drive: Often already offered computer without a floppy drive. Alternatives would be: CD-RW or USB flash drive. Disks, however, still have their place in the computer technology.

Good advice and good service should clarify this point. * Sound Card: Most have fixed, sufficient. * Interface: USB, USB 2.0, it is best and should already have a network connection (LAN) is usually already available onboard. Good advice and service for the computer should also clarify whether FireWire (IEEE 1394 or iLink is) for multimedia applications and hardware needed. * Monitor and Mouse to explain actually by itself than on the question of quality should be received by the Beartung or the service for the computer.

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