Computer Vs. Console – An Unequal "fight "

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Today is playing on their home computer, or on the console simply to normal life, but this was the beginning of the game time not the case. Quite the opposite was the case, because in the beginning of the success story of the games was not a normal calculator, but rather the exception. Initially, the selection of the Commodore 64 or Atari not large, so that the desired diversity in the game was not satisfactory. From the start of the games were only time classics such as Tetris left, but even in modern times, such games have a very large cult fanbase behind them. With the steady proliferation of playing on the computer resulted in a new development, that of the game.

These are the units only for a sense of play and not think about other work for them. This development has ensured that through improved graphics, sound, or control more and more people are suddenly interested in it and so have become gamers. And the greater the Fanmenge was, the greater was the number of companies who wanted to profit here. Was it too early for example, only Nintendo, so now also true heavyweights like Sony with their Playstation, or Microsoft with its XBox games on the market became aware. The PStwo console, and much more. The pace of graphics and gameplay technical development increased rapidly, so that at present seems almost every year a new technology with the latest games then played on the console will be able to. Game tests and lots of information on the latest games. This trend will certainly continue, because now not only the young customer likes to play, but really any user, for some variety in the daily grind can use each person.

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