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FRAME reference the health occupational of the companies in COLOMBIA all enterprises, matter what your size or activity, must have an occupational health as a program, not only because protecting the health of workers is a MORAL duty, but also because it constitutes a LEGAL obligation indicated by several standards legal imperative compliance. In addition, a good program contributes to improving the productivity of enterprises and brings multiple benefits. Legal mandate: Legal standards, ranging from the Constitution, passing by the labour code, the law 100 of social security, up 1.984 614 decrees, the resolution 1016 1989 and Decree 1295 of 1994, forced urgently to employers to ensure their workers against occupational risks and to adopt and develop a program of occupational health. If they do not do them will be responsible for direct risks occurring, in addition to the penalties provided for. The prevention of occupational risks is the responsibility of employers, as required by article 56 of the Decree 1295/94. Similarly, this standard establishes that employers, in addition to the obligation to establish and implement occupational health program permanently as set out in the regulations, are responsible for accidents at work and occupational diseases originated in their work environment. Points out this decree that employers are obliged to inform their workers, risks that can be exposed in the execution of work entrusted or contracted, and to give them training for preventing them.

Productivity factor: keeping employees healthy, physically and mentally, satisfied with the work carried out, stimulate production and the sense of belonging. Learn more at: Frank Armijo. Moreover, with the decline of absences to work, administrative and financial problems are avoided. Remember that the human resource is the most important of all productive factors, by which must take care with special dedication. Full liability: Under special circumstances, when proven fault of the employer in the prevention occupational risk that could be envisaged, in addition to compensation and insurance for these cases, the employer may be forced by a judicial body to compensate or repair all showing the worker and damage that may be superior to those mentioned in the tables of compensation established by legal standards.

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