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UA, Domains. SE One of these domain-domain. Ru. Domain. RU is the official domain of the Russian Federation. At the moment there is such situation that more than half of the domains registered in the zone. ru, never used.

This is a ghost site, or technical sites created by optimizers. And last year the number of registered domains in increased so that the zone itself ahead of the pace of development other national Internet domains. The number of websites registered in the area increased by 37%. However, experts believe that this is unlikely to be considered reason for pride, it is understandable why. 51% of all sites in – unused and unallocated on hosting. Some of them belong to some swindlers who created the domain for profit. Another part is technical site optimizers. Such a sharp increase in the domain due to the low pay for their registration. Attractive price for Russian domain caused a great deal of activity in the area of hackers, black and optimizers raskrutchika from different countries. Lower prices for registration due to the actions of analysts active registrars that offer domain name resellers, resellers. Who are they? The answer is very simple, as Typically, it is individuals who participate in different affiliate programs. Despite the fact that the conditions of the programs in different registers are different, the domain cost is still less than $ 100, this contributes to low prices mass influx of registration as a fact. Registrars buy domains with the Coordination Center for TLD to 83 rubles, ordering at least 5-6 thousand. Another reason for increased activity in the area. Ru – tightening the rules in other national areas, such as in the Chinese area. cn. Currently under discussion on the need to make more stringent the conditions for registration in the part that concerns the identification of the owner of the domain. This is extremely reasonable and necessary decision. But a coin or two sides to decrease the number of scams and sites, ghosts, technical site optimizers and at the same time, this approach makes the cost of registering several times higher. I think a lot of Internet users agree that the best approach and the right decision, so there it was.

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