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This article is about how to earn trust and how to increase self-esteem. He was a person with very negative thoughts, which always fracasaria in any task that you undertake. I have to say that did not accept myself and seemed to be always depressed. I have managed, however, to change my life and I will try to explain in this article how I changed this situation. I hope that these lines can help them and do it with joy. When I was growing up, from childhood to adulthood, I felt what was going on I was bad luck. I had a problem in speech (stuttering), also always fought against my weight (or overweight).

I looked at other people in my community, especially to my friends and I felt very jealous of them. I often thought and I was wondering, why there were so many issues to resolve. The problems that I’ve had in life, especially the impediment in speech, hurt my confidence, and I became a lonely person. I felt uncomfortable when he participated in groups of people, always I thought that people laughed behind my back and spoke to me. She had a voice inside me, which were my demons. They constantly they spoke to me, advised me to avoid certain situations and thus seizing assume tasks that were about me. They made me feel very stupid and worthless. Listen to these demons and basically do or not do, as the case may be, I liked what I was told.

He did agree with them, that was not good enough or capable of accepting certain tasks. I often wondered how my life would be if you didn’t these duendes horrible my head. I wasn’t happy with my life, when they went it or how it had been in the past. I wanted to be successful, secure and free of these demons. At the age of twenty-two, he had decided to wage a war against these demons, a battle that was determined to win. I started reading many books on self-esteem, positive thoughts and mind over matter. Progress wasn’t exactly fast and took me many months to be able to move forward. I had to think more on positive, basically, to be more assertive, and my attention was more free. I learned that in life, everything that you do should try to do it as best as possible. Life is very short and you can terminate at any time, therefore, I must take advantage of it, live it and I say that not as a Council of a frightened person, but because it was what I had been doing. Worry about the situation makes it harder, not easier, therefore, what I do? These tips are easy to say or write, however, it is very difficult to implement. I must put them into practice, I thought. During my war, there were many battles with these horrible demons, and some of them, lost them. I kept talking to the demons and told them that they could win a battle, but they were not going to win the war. I finally did it, I won my war, after a long period of time. Now, I can tell you with great joy that I overcame my speech problem. The main lesson that I have learned, it is doing the opposite of what demons I was told. They are the devil, and inside of every person, therefore, we learn that we should not listen to them.

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