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Competition makes lyuboyu industry dynamic and rapidly changing, as what the role of information in economic activity. Website development companies – the main tool for obtaining and presenting information on companies using the Internet. The creation of corporate web site offers opportunities for quality work with the information to improve productivity and efficiency activity. Without information we can not build a successful business. That's why a permanent job with the information becomes a task of particular importance, as when creating sites, and in the process of automating the enterprise and its daily activities. This task should be an integral part of company culture, assuming a willingness to innovate business processes, including the reengineering of business processes. Organization, recognized the importance of information in business derives significant competitive advantage. Work with information to create brings several advantages: 1.

The cost of creating sites for competent work with information from the customer, is usually much smaller. 2. Properly constructed site is able to qualitatively represent the information about you, answering all questions of interest to the customer and reducing the load on personnel. 3. Site created with the functions of collecting and analyzing market research promotes quality and facilitate decision making.

The main innovation in the creation of corporate websites and business automation, We believe that due to the active development of the market, in which the survival of enterprises need a computer study of decision-making, as well as expanding the scope of the information. Creating a good Site helps to ensure the information needed for decision-making, creating e-business office of the company. For our businesses beginning of the transition to a market economy marked a new stage of computerization. In practice, one can observe cases where two identical profiles of Belarusian enterprises in different market situations. Of course, there a basis – an approach to work and organizing information. The development of sites here do not exception, as many other Belarusian companies do not have their own electronic resources, and a lot of what he says. It should be emphasized that the computerization of itself can not ensure profitability. Computerization of which requires financial costs can only increase or decrease the effectiveness of the enterprise market. The importance of information and manifests itself in preparation for the creation of the site. How much representative of the customer to be thought out structure of the information and options for its presentation, will depend on the quality of the resource, its ability to generate revenue and result. Website development is often accompanied by neglect customers, lack of initiative, and as a result – a high probability of obtaining low-quality product.

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