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Today with the market changes, it is necessary to put into practice in companies or organizations an operational creativity, that facilitates alternatives, tools, strategies, guidelines and specific actions to be undertaken. For this reason, the expert, Eduardo Kastika, defines creativity in companies and businesses such as the ability to achieve different results. Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, directors, managers and supervisors who are working in this sense, means that they understand the important of being different, taking into account everything known so far; Be flexible, doing things in a different way from what you were doing; Differentiating, creating products and services that add value to our customers and that the differences are perceived positively; Innovating, considering the needs of the market; Finally, achieving results, measuring achievements. The foregoing above may be interesting, there are, however, a question what scan how do to achieve different results in my? company or business? Firstly, changes the focus, metaphorically speaking, uses other glasses or lenses, i.e., gives you the opportunity to listen, read and learn new things. Only thus can raise what you do; what you think; and the most important thing when you want to do things in a different way. Secondly, you’d be able to challenge your intentions. Think what motivates you, what compels you to act, what discourages you and what you been stopped in some key moments of your life. On the other hand, the challenge of creativity is to find what is not working properly and you need improvements to collective benefits.

Hence the importance of our thoughts, those mental programs that are expressed through language, a simple way of knowing how we proceed is looking at what we are interested: books, movies, music, dialogue, social relationships, community, among others. Finally, one of the challenges that makes the difference when it comes to undertake is to take action. To do so more cash, placed a time frame to make the Situational diagnosis, used a stopwatch to use brainstorming (Brainstorming) tool to solve a problem, establishes a simple action plan that will allow you to orient your goals and thus avoid the distractions also analyzes the results obtained for new opportunities for improvement in your products or services. I invite you to what reflections what are you doing in your business to achieve different results up to the next Atty.. Johanel Rocca marketing specialist.

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