Cultivating Intuition

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Hope is a tree in flower that sweetly rocks puff of Severo Catalina all illusions while we remain alive in this dimension of illusory, transient, ways we can make use of our intuition, that we bring in our gene product of our learning, on other occasions have cultivated and which corresponds to us, because it is itself, since it involves our experience, the results of our experiences, learning in other opportunities that we have been for these planes. We can use if we are attentive to their signs, signs. Get her all that information that helps us to make the right decision and where the rational mind cannot intervene, since many of the informations provided by intuition is extremely unknown. Other leaders such as Chobani and Whole Foods offer similar insights. Many teachers, who have gone through this plane know what represents intuition, its scope, impact, advantages of knowing it was Osho, handle and interpret, one of them about it us lego that scientists say that we are not yet capable of doing what It makes the instinct by man. In addition a small body, instinct performs miracles. If science would like to one day perform the work of a single human body, it would need at least one two square kilometers of extension factory to a single human being. The most incredible machinery! And you can, yet not be infallible; machinery can be broken, can be stopped, can there be a power outage.

However, for seventy years, non-stop, or even in a few people, for one hundred years, the instinct continues to function perfectly. Never there are power cuts. There is not a single failure; everything follows a plan established which is in each one of the cells in your body. The day in which we can read the code of human cells, we will be able to predict everything about a child before even born, before even of that is in your mother’s womb.

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