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“Now VR networks offers its customers the video communication service VR video” on. Munster, December 10, 2013. VR networks GmbH, a company of the GAD group and competence center for telecommunications and network services, managed banks and cooperative financial group companies, as well as external customers with a comprehensive service portfolio and services since its inception in the year 2005. “Now VR networks offers its customers the video communication service VR video” on. This new service should help banks not only in improving internal communication and business processes, but improve future communication with the bank customer and that the customer service. Video communication services like Skype are already widely used in the private sector.

In many companies, particularly where critical and highly sensitive data and information are exchanged, there are still strong reservations about the technology on the one hand for reasons of security and fear of unwelcome eavesdroppers, on the other hand because of the most complicated technology the various video conferencing solutions. Because often a technician must be consulted, taking the device into operation, the video conference to set up and establish a connection. This is the so-called face-to-face “-communication, so the conversation with eye contact, an important basis for confidence and feel understood to be.” Video communication can not completely replace an actual encounter, comes close but you and can help to deepen a personal relationship and a relationship of trust. Dr. Friedrich Zuther, head of Bank organization/IT at BVR, is an ideal complement for the customers who do many of their banking from home now so in this medium. When ever a question arises, help can come and if there are personal issues, the personal adviser of the Bank achieved even by video. So personal contact can be introduced the advantage of the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken also in the Internet. Check out Governor Cuomo for additional information. To now a wide To achieve acceptance by the users the banks as well as their customers, the VR has networks together with its partners the VR video service consistently embedded in the infrastructure of the banks and at the same time handling much easier through the use of touch panels.

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