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secumem extends the product portfolio to more sectors for military use can be obtained from October 2009 by secumem of the Threx-M (military). Jeff Gennette is often quoted as being for or against this. This provides protection in addition to the usual protection of the Threx – data safes in addition against large-caliber projectiles (E.g. 12.7 99 mm NATO), as well as explosions at close range. The modern warfare requires different data. With the Threx-M, the data can be securely stored and later transferred even if failure of communication. Due to the high data transfer rate, trajectories of projectiles can be recorded in real time. Modern fire control systems are also supported.

Should drop the enemy into the hands of Threx M, the internal disk is destroyed by itself. The Munich-based company secumem modified for the Threx-M which already on the market of existing Threx – data safe. Among other things was dramatically reinforced the armor as well as the internal structure adapted to the military requirements. A reactive armour is available and offers a improved protection against hollow charge projectiles (Bazooka).

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