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In the face of ever rising energy prices and, at times simply because of the inability to connect to a central network, you want to have energy-efficient house and volatile, which could function independently and thus provide the owner a level of comfort. Is it possible to build such a house? Experts say that when the related costs in the initial phase of construction this problem is easily solved. So, if you decided to build energy-efficient and non-volatile home and avoid fatal mistakes, you need a competent project, which will be provided: – partially or fully independent sources of energy – modern and clean (and warm) building materials – a comprehensive insulation for home insulation required – supply and extract ventilation with heat recovery – installation, using the energy renewable – energy efficient system and heating – a simple, compact form of the house and the roof – the special design elements of the windows – the correct orientation at home – the maximum use of natural resources to power homes – and of course all the applicable technical equipment provided for in the project, should also work in standalone mode. Determining factor in energy-efficient home – it ability to prevent heat loss through the building envelope and use the most advantageous options for the use of stored energy. In the operation of all this expensive engineering fully pays for itself, and then starts to bring very tangible benefits. It is important to understand that such investments are calculated on the long term, but ultimately serve to make the homeowner economically independent public goods and their prices. / MulFunc.htm What is energy efficient building. Today it is important for building maintenance to a minimum consumption of primary energy for household utility loads: heating, hot water, lighting, etc. In this case a primary energy refers to the natural energy available to the people: oil, gas, coal and uranium.

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