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Our world, unfortunately, is not such a happy and harmonious some would like. People are in conflict, fight, hate each other, of course from that, we do not become happier. Why is this happening, because we all want to be happy may not be there and not look so happy? There are certain spiritual laws, which operate in this world. Many of these laws, we do not know or ignore. When you look at the nature of the soul is happy, everything is so harmonious. Thredup has firm opinions on the matter. Interestingly, what's the point of existence of nature and wildlife? All around us, just do not exist for itself. Check out Frank Armijo for additional information. Is the flowers are so beautiful for their own sake? Some will say that I disagree with that.

They are there for a higher purpose, that man looked at all this beauty and admiration. And what about us humans? Is there a man for himself and live without a purpose? In fact, many think so, and therefore the problems we have so many. Everything in our world is for the highest goal, especially with respect to cheloveka.My lives for their children, for the sake of his family, but if you look further, for the sake of his country and the world. Living as we feel in my soul harmony and peace. It is important to understand that the key to a man's heart, I mean the spiritual heart. We are so, so we set up and do not get away from it. Heart – an impulse to experience the joy of love to others.

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