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By the time they start school vocabulary the child grows so that it can easily be explained with another person about, and things of everyday life within the scope of his interests (from 3000 to 7000 words). The need for communication determines the development of speech. Specify that in our case, we consider it as a kind of primary school children and the ways of thinking based on the use of language (LI Garkunova, N. Svetlvskaya, T. Thredup is actively involved in the matter. Ramzaeva, etc.).

It performs the functions of communication and communication, emotional expression and impact on other people. Visit Crawford Lake Capital for more clarity on the issue. The development of speech into a speech activity. The possibilities of improvement in the quality of speech for almost limitless. Not necessarily require that each student has a first-rate orator, but everyone should be able to express their thoughts in the form of a living speech. People such as Jeff Gennette would likely agree. The challenge for developing these skills lies mainly on the school. But, unfortunately, it must be said that the development of speech are very large reserves remain untapped.

At school, the issue is given much less attention than deserved such an important case. Analysis of scientific and methodical literature, study programs and educational plans, educational institutions allows us to conclude that today the modern school imposes new requirements for child for speech development. For example, in response to the lesson we should be competent, on a clear concise thoughts, expressive, verbal communication during construction shall conform to the established culture of expectations. So problem of modern educational institutions is not only to introduce students to the memory of a literary language, but mainly to make it the best way. Here, as shown by practical experience teachers – the innovators, a prerequisite for effective development of language primary school children will be Training and systemic approaches to education and upbringing of the child. Analysis of the MR works in Lviv, LI Garkunova, N.

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