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“The electricity supplier and his recipe for cheap the price guarantee the concept of discount power and the so called bargain fare” RegioPlus50 is basically simple: each kilowatt-hour consumed by a customer at discount stores current, is always at least 2 cents cheaper than the current general tariff of the respective local basic utility. In addition, there is 1 cent per kWh discount on the first invoice. In plain language this means: each customer saves in his region perfectly, because this price guarantee applies to all coverage areas of discount power. The Munich electricity supplier depends always on the current price of the current general tariff of local basic utility and undercuts this per kWh to 2 cents and up to the first statement by 3 cents. Because the tariff is so individually and flexibly designed, DISCOUNTER power is also no flat-rate quote, but provides an interactive cheap computer on its website, in the one just his zip code and the annual consumption, or the number of persons in the household enters. Then calculates the personal price offer of cheap computers and displays how much the prospect at DISCOUNTERS current specified consumption can save themselves. The Exchange customers who switch online to discount power, bonus in addition an Exchange bonus in the amount of 50 euros.

As customers at discount stores current in the long run should benefit from favourable electricity, the one-time change bonus automatically at the end of the minimum contract term on that account credited is worth a contract extension thus always, as opposed to a precipitous cancellation. Also, new customers get a holiday voucher to the value of 100 EURO at the conclusion of the contract. This can be through the partners travel fan at many well-known tour operators redeemed are, E.g. at ADAC Reisen, LTU plus, Thomas Cook or Neckermann Reisen. Concept and implementation of DISCOUNTER power moves priced under the current general tariff of local basic utility. Thus a price guarantee for the entire contract period is granted the customers. There is also no prepayment and no deposit unlike many other electricity providers, which means that customers pay for only what they actually consume at discount stores current.

And discount power has still an ACE in the hole: because the current brand offers a free service in all affairs in contrast to many other electricity supplier: whether applicant, new customer or existing customer: who wants to call the friendly and knowledgeable customer service by DISCOUNTER power, paid nothing for his call, but simply chooses the free hotline number (0800) 6300 610 2003. But how can discount power implement permanently this favourable prices and conditions? The management of Energy2day GmbH, explains: Our cheap recipe is quite simple: discount power is a pure online brand and therefore very cost effective, can be calculated. Electricity is so cheap shopped at discount stores current that he also accordingly cheap can be passed to the consumer. In addition, the order will “our competitive power exclusively on the Internet instead, either directly through our website or in comparison portals, where a DISCOUNTER power with its favourable tariff RegioPlus50 firmly in the top 10 have won.

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