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In Russia, Internet auctions are very promising market. Success of the Internet auction site eBay is not allowed to sleep peacefully for many vorotilam e-business. But despite this, you can name just one auction of which in Russia knows almost all Internet users – is auction “hammer”. Ex-CIA director helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. He has been around for ten years, but, nevertheless, to the popularity of Internet auction eBay to him very far. Why is this happening? In what fundamental difference between the now international marketplace eBay and domestic Internet auction “hammer”? According to the experienced users of Internet auctions, the root cause of the popularity of eBay among Russian-speaking users lies in simply stunning range of products.

Our countrymen are willing to learn English, use online translators and intermediaries, just to get access to amazingly inexpensive technique, which is represented on the Internet auction site eBay. Only here you can find a modern and powerful laptop at a ridiculous price of $ 200, and then another, and a bargain to 100. On the Internet auction site eBay are often sold things which will appear in local shops only a year or two. And it is not necessarily going to be things that were in use. Through the Internet auction site eBay selling not only individuals, get rid of trash, but also huge shops and businesses, thus realizing their goods. Domestic Internet auctions, unfortunately, can not boast of any range or quality of the goods, nor attractive prices. Whether particular national character affect the pricing, no ignorance of the realities of the market, but second-hand clothes and outdated technology in the domestic Internet auctions are often spotted at a price that almost more than the cost of similar goods in stores.

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