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The standing table with built-in infrared heater Dusseldorf, 10.09.09 – patio heaters include the overall picture of many inner cities. Almost in every local they will defy the cold and warm the guests. That the silver heat furnaces heavily pollute the environment, few people know. This aspect is Rolf Gross and Elmar Konig thought and designed an eco-friendly alternative to the heating mushroom. “Dusseldorf studentische Unternehmensberatung Heinrich-Heine-consulting now advises entrepreneurs to launch of their new product, the heated”. “The heated” is a high table with a foot from heaters with infrared technology, which enhances the well-being of the people and has a positive effect on health. “The advantage of heated” is that it comes out with ordinary mains power and protects the environment, since they eco power operated with no CO2 emissions caused.

Also eliminates the annoying replacement of gas bottles for the operators through what the additional Staff overhead. “In addition, which is heated” equipped with built-in motion sensors. Once a guest in the vicinity of the table, is this turns off automatically, which reduces energy consumption and thus relieves the host also financially. Since the introduction of a new product is no easy task, a project team from Heinrich-Heine-consulting supports the two entrepreneurs. In addition to the consulting services and the development of a concept, it is also the task of the students Heatable”local owners to present and make known. You take care in the design of a website ( and creating flyers.

“” Technical data of the heated “the heated” produced hand-crafted for indoor and outdoor use. The high-quality processing and compliance with specific DIN standards guarantee a long service life and the preservation of form and color of the Stehtisches. The energy consumption is equivalent to approx. 900 Watts (18 cents) per hour. The heating elements with individually designed foil can also be glued and fit are to the overall appearance of the premises on or about advertising space.

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