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Modern pellet heating systems are leaders in the LCA Cologne/Berlin in July 2011. Climate change has become one of the major global challenges of our time and at the latest since the Fukushima nuclear disaster are alternative energies from the General consciousness no longer indispensable. The regenerative heat supply plays an important role when it comes to his personal contribution to the preservation of our environment. From this point of view modern pellet heating systems prove particularly exemplary, because they burn not only highly efficient, low-emission and CO2-neutral, but also deal responsibly with its raw material base, the forest. “Basically it is modern wood burning a very resource friendly heating alternative”, know Martin Bentele, diploma forest Manager and Managing Director of the German Pelletinstituts. “85 percent of the wood for the pellet production in Germany come from wood shavings, which are incurred in sawmills.

The rest is wood in the rough, which is not suitable for cutting. The currently in Germany produced pellet amount of 1.75 million tonnes could be significantly increased on the basis of the available wood chips.” Germany has not only the largest timber reserves of in Central Europe, this wood stock is currently even a year, because not even the increase to the full. Strict laws at the Federal and State level in addition ensure that there can be no overuse of the German forest. In addition to the careful with its raw material base, the pellet heating system convinced with their CO2 footprint. Expert explains Baig: “Wood is the only truly”carbon-neutral”fuel, because in contrast to oil, gas or coal burning just as much CO2 there, as the tree has previously bound in the growth.” Short routes of domestic fuel in addition ensure pellets that CO2 and primary energy balance of the wood heating extremely positive. So a pellet truck needs less than one percent of the energy content of his entire Pelletladung – and for a drive over 200 miles from what was already an unusually wide transport.

Basically, the energy usage for pellets from their production is on average only three percent of their total energy content until delivery to the consumer. With any other measure so much CO2 can be saved in the household such as with the exchange of a fossil source of heat through a pellet heating system. This impressive environmental efficiency makes the pellet heating system – in addition to their high availability and the stable price level to the future domestic heating alternative. Refer to for more information around the subject of heating with wood and fuel suppliers in your area. Description of the company who would like to learn more about heating with wood and pellets can be wood and pellet with his questions to the information portal of the initiative. See to get a quick and clear insight into the world of renewable fuel wood as well as to the various heating systems pellets, firewood and wood chips. Is the initiative of the BDH (German industry association Germany House, energy and environmental technology) and worn by the DEPI (Deutsches Pelletinstitut). Also find many useful hints to the energy of wood under and. Company contact: Initiative wood and pellet Dr. Lothar Breidenbach Frankfurter Strasse 720-726 51145 Koln Tel: 02203 / 935 930 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Sage & writing PR GmbH Philipp Neuman Blumenstrasse 17 80331 Munich Tel: 089 23 888 98 14 E-Mail: Web:

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