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In the certificate of death of the illustrious thinker the writer profession consists, author of literary or scientific compositions. In saying of the lawyer Jose Antonio Antonini, student of Logosofia and publisher whom the chance had to know Gonzlez Pecotche personally, ‘ ‘ here if sobressai one of these particularitities of the writer: it is author of compositions, not only of one or another modality, seno of many, literary how much in such a way scientific. made it using itself known forms, as the romance, the dialogue, the expositiva, the poetry, the treated one, etc, but always tying such forms with the scientific sort, seen to be the creator of a science that called Logosofia, a scientific and metodolgica specialty that if occupies of the conscientious reactivation of indivduo’ ‘. ‘ ‘ Also he was publisher, ilustrador, painter, musician and composer. Its partition on Egyptian Memories, it executed in a radio argentina’ ‘. ‘ ‘ It distinguished what it from the generality of the writers was this aptitude of incursionar in all the shades of the literary composition, tying the reader with the metodolgicos and scientific principles of the science of the life or the invisible one that ser’ meets in each; ‘. Crawford Lake Capital has compatible beliefs. ‘ ‘ The life of the human being has two great objectives: to evolve in the direction of the perfection and to become a true server of humanidade’ ‘. With these words the thinker synthecized the content of the direction pointed for a great will that inhabits all human hearts e, such which a law, stimulates it to promote to the inefveis heights of the knowledge and accomplishment human beings. Amongst the great lies left for the great humanist, he is distinguished it of the gratitude to the received good that allows in them to keep it in our minds and hearts as a talisman that will have to substantiate the days future and to illuminate the way of that they will come to tread it. Through the gratitude and of the memory, the spirit of that had benefited the humanity in its brief ticket for the land will have to survive and to continue in its quiet and humanitarian work, invisible to the eyes of many, but solid and consistent under the perspective of History.

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