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He enters the terms of lusitana origin, morabe, aboriginal and Creole of the colonial period lose the vocbulos used for the blacks and mestizos in the scope of the accepted farms and for the religious ones until century XIX. Many of these terms, today, already are aportuguesados and incorporated to the regular vocabulary of the Portuguese of the Brazilians, such as: Emancipation: Operation for which one enslaved entirely is redeemed and equal Tornado a free individual, for the total release of its enslaved state of. Ancestry: Generation that precedes the generation of a person; for example, the parents, grandmothers, greats-grandmother and great-great-grandmothers of a person constitute its ancestry. Ax: greeting with votes and peace and Bafaf happiness: confusion, anarchy (movement politician, ideology). Baguna: clutter, disorder (objects). Batucada: party to the sound of tambores Berimbau: of quibomdo mbirimbau musical instrument of African origin, constituted of an arc with on extremities for a metal wire, which if arrests a stocking-cabaa that serves as box of resonance; percurso instrument that folloies the dance of the capoeira; the same that urucungo. Dump-cart: Of quimbundo kisamba, hamper or great box. Cacimba: Of quimbundo kixima, well proper place to take off water in drinking waters river natural.

Cachimbo: Of quimbondo Kaximibo device to smoke wooden made up of one fornilho where if it puts the tobacco and which is adapted a pipe for where if smoke breathes. Cachaa: aguardente of the sugar cane? of? sugar, drips. Cafun: vagarosa friction in the cabeludo leather of somebody with the end of acariciar, calming. Cafund: wild and distant, local place between mountains. Youngest child: Youngest of the children or the brothers; of quimbundo kasule, last son. Calunga: Community renascente of quilombo in Gois, of the multilguistico lathe banto kalunga, that it locks up largeness idea, imensido, desiguado for God, the sea, the death. In Pernambuco the slaves called calunga of ware or adobe.

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