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Without doubt the best and most secure in that there is no foreign element accessible to the foreign friends, so it is impossible to manipulate the engine. Electrobrake: Consists of a locking mechanism of the engine by a spring and when the engine is stopped, the shutter is locked at the point where it is either above, below, or in any part of your vertical travel. Take control with a brake release cable so that it can move to events like power failure or breakdown. Advantages of the electric: Do not need additional closure devices to close the shutter (locks, central locking with lateral rods etc.) Of course you can place, and strengthen security never hurts, but not essential. Do not need to bend down to open the locks (if any) as the safety brake is closing.

The electric Disadvantages: In case you have no other alternative entrance, install exterior necessarily a locked locker in the front where the command will be located within the electric release. This entails, first a small work that can affect the aesthetics of the facade and most importantly there is an element of easy handling in the case of accessing it can be unlocked without any problems the engine to lift the shade with impunity. For the latter reason especially, We do not recommend the electric in the case of a single shade of access to premises. But of course can be installed without any problems. The installation of an engine is a clean job, as it does not require any work.

We can accommodate your schedule and should consider automating the shutter must remain closed for a period of two to three hours (sometimes less) for installation, so if you only have a local access and is open to public should take this into account when implementing it. We hope that this information has been helpful. Of course you can ask us any questions or problems you have via our web form “tell us” or email address where we will be happy to answer your questions. Vicente Vidal HARDWARE technical team U-24. tel. 902 180 327.

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