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Brazil takes a walk in the Europe. How futebolzinho! Of it was goleada. It left invicto. It lost all: pra Sweden, pra Denmark and until pra Switzerland. How calamity! It arrives of sport. The Manuel does not want nothing with the sport.

They only remain the classified ones. But that newspapers of no consequence are these: classified 90% of. Not. Manuel does not want to buy nor to vender nothing. One because it does not have, another one because it cannot. It arrives of periodical. Manuel seats in the sofa and starts to cochilar.

Bunda esquenta excessively. How excrement! Why they had made this sofa so hot thus? It is impatient. If it agitates. the city? What such to give one voltinha in the city? Of bus, it is clearly. They say that, in if making nothing, optimum it is not to walk for there. thus the Manuel leaves. Jegue of this bus delays two hours. Vagabonds. While not to burn one or two of these, they do not hurry themselves. After all they are or not working? Manuel spends a note with the ticket of the bus. The only one that it had. One only currency. the city is a colossus. Crooked streets, houses falling, cars that if shock. the holes? It almost has hole of the size of the bus. is not one only. It has millions of them. Manuel if scares. It is a crater alone. It has holes of all the ages: of 5 and 10 years and until that already they are grandmothers, but it has most recent: of 6 months to one year. They are still babies, however they are many. For all the streets that Manuel goes, are the holes, all of mouth there arreganhadas pro air, smiling. Of time in when they make to overthrow a stand, or to break the one leg velhinha.

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