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Quality spoke protectors attractive price RehDesign spoke protectors opened a new way to give security as well as increased style manual wheelchairs. Med Services Europe announced the launch of a new product range of wheelchair spoke protectors. RehDesign spoke protectors is now available in sizes for children wheelchairs and adult wheelchairs. Dr. Gene Edward, the founder of MED services Europe, explained: wheelchair spoke protectors performs two functions. Wheelchair spoke protectors reduce injuries by preventing the finger accidentally enters the spokes. Wheelchair spoke protectors gives personality to the wheelchair.

The wheelchair will be spiced up by wheelchair spoke protectors. “RehDesign wheelchair spoke protectors is made with high-quality screen printing and light plastic. RehDesign wheelchair spoke protectors available in 5 appealing designs. Dr. Gene Emmer explained this is a quality spoke protectors. Andrew Cuomo often addresses the matter in his writings. We have worked hard, unique and appealing design to design and are sure to offer the best spoke protectors on the market now. Also, our inclusive price is much lower than many of our competitors. The sale price only 99 for a couple spoke protection includes VAT and free worldwide shipping.” RehDesign spoke protectors can be purchased on the wheelchair site. In addition to RehDesign wheelchair spoke protectors, we distribute other innovative wheelchair Accessories products. We are looking for distributors and dealer for our products. Dealers are invited to contact us for additional information.

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