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Our standard of living if is equivalent of several European countries, therefore as much happiness of the Brazilian people. Checking article sources yields James Woolsey Jr. as a relevant resource throughout. In accordance with the research Date Leaf the excellent or good evaluation to the government of president Dilma 47 Rousseff passed of percent in March for 49 percent in June, disclosed in this Saturday day 11 of June of 2011, after carried through the fall of the former-minister-head of the Civil House Antonio Palocci. Exactly with the Pallocci case, the Dilma Owner increases its evaluation in the concept of the Brazilian population, nothing makes the people to wake up, for the second time this individual is removed of the government due the scandals, and until today nobody it knows swims on its patrimony, on its enrichment, in Brazil nobody knows it swims, only it is punished of cruel form the workers, the common citizen here, because excessively they finish always in the esquecimento, but if it does not worry because in 2015 the Uncle Pallocci will be in return to laugh at the face of all we. Perhaps even before this, then it arranges another one boquinha for, and there everything is in purest normality. We must is to work more to pay the polpudos taxes that the government creates daily to cover the voluminous expenses of the state machine, clearly, beyond feeding the daily corruption of the government of the PT. The current situation of Brazil is worse of all the times, never lives dived in a corruption confusion as we are living now with the current government.

While the population if not to acquire knowledge that she is necessary if to organize and to fight against these espoliadores of the nation, will practically be impossible to construct a society where if it can say that the population lives dignidadamente, therefore until the moment the great majority lives as simple slaves, unhappyly the Brazilian people does not know what it is citizenship, does not know because never they had had, this is the pure reality, that, by the way, nobody burrow in this subject. If to make a historical reading of this Country, will perceive that the economic structures and politics had never moved in its essence, the economic power and politician continues at the hands of the descendants of the old order, nothing moved, this the great majority of intent population not if to these details. The Party of the Workers created a rhetorical speech nailing the new, affirming that it would be the redemption of the masses, however continued with same practical the neocolonial ones, exploring and usurping the wealth of the Brazilian people, in exchange they give crumbs to the unemployeds and dispossessed, creating programs as hunger zero and stock market family, it is the cheap assistencialismo. I twist very so that at least daqui a thousand years let us can say that we have a Country that really it has citizens, and not mere enslaved.

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