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sevDesk saves time, it’s finally here money and lots of grey hair: sevDesk launches. After many weeks and months we will be development work at the start. All errors and childhood diseases are eradicated and we feel fully ready to go”, so SEVENIT GmbH Managing Director Fabian Silberer. With sevDesk, the SEVENIT GmbH is launching its first cloud product on the market. Originally designed to be a customer and tailored in collaboration, is sevDesk ready to be released for craftsmen and construction companies in the entire Federal territory.

At the time, there was no software on the market, which covers the needs of an entrepreneur who spends little time in the Office or want to spend”, so the technical Managing Director Marco Reinbold. sevDesk to massively simplify everyday office life and create more time for the essentials. Office activities can be performed easily on a spot and you keep still about his customers. Finally final reminders, invoices, or quotes write in Word, Excel and co. No annoying edit, format, or customize more. All this goes well with sevDesk in a matter of seconds. sevDesk solution comes out as cloud complete without installing it on your PC or Mac, the software can be operated easily via the browser and thus also need not own server or storage space.

At sevDesk, we are proud on our customer management system. All customer data, invoices, offers, emails and customer details are now all grouped together in one place. By connected interfaces, all documents can be sent either by E-mail as a PDF or in writing with a mouse click. Thus, the printing, enveloping and sending an offer or an invoice does not apply in the classic message traffic. This is all done for you sevDesk. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc may find this interesting as well. Clearly we know that there are many competitors on the market, but from our point of view, there is a good package at any of the other service providers. Some providers are good at cloud accounting, others are placed well in the subject of CRM or customer relationship management/customer relationship management. sevDesk provides the perfect solution for this purpose and above all also extremely user-friendly and simple and easy handling. “, so Fabian Silberer. Another advantage is our free Smartphone app from sevDesk. It appears to start at the same time for iOS and Android devices. This app can be used fully and those of the Gratispaketes of users of all packages”, reported Marco Reinbold. Contact: SEVENIT GmbH Bock angle Court 1 77948 Friesenheim Fabian Silberer + 49-7821-288959-0 sevdesk.de Office software sevDesk is a cloud software, which reduces the Office work to a much partition. Writing invoices and quotes, as well as active customer management done in the blink of an eye and thus leaving more time for the essentials. The Smartphone app, and the integrated reporting, you have all important data always at hand in your pocket.

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