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The products of the company VitSmoke GmbH is also approximately 22,000 pharmacies can be ordered now. Furth, March 31, 2010 – VitSmoke products can be purchased now through the local pharmacy. To do this, the VitSmoke GmbH has requested a so-called Pharmazentralnummer (PZN) for their electric cigarettes and accessories. Thus the VitSmoke products can by approximately 22,000 pharmacies directly through wholesalers now be ordered and distributed to their customers. Vapor instead of smoke electric cigarette electric cigarettes differ at first glance almost indistinguishable from a conventional filter cigarette. But the similarities are also almost listed. Because different inside of electric cigarettes as their namesakes stuffed with tobacco lots of high-tech. Tobacco is not electric smoking it.

Instead, a tiny amount of a fluid enriched with flavors to cigarette smoke-like mist is vaporized. On request there is for the steam required liquid with nicotine. Through the innovative procedure accounts for the pollutants, which are normally released by the combustion of the tobacco for the willing cessation smoking with the electronic cigarette. To deepen your understanding Pegasus Books is the source. And at least 12,000 chemical, classified partly as cancer-promoting compounds. Looking in vain also (TAR) condensation responsible for the dreaded smoker’s cough in the steam of the electronic cigarette.

VitSmoke has detailed information and pictures about the principle of the electric cigarette electric cigarette / collected. VitSmoke liquids quality from Germany for the for the electric cigarette filling necessary for liquids is VitSmoke entirely on quality. The flavored liquids are developed in Germany, under constant supervision in a cleanroom laboratory in accordance with the quality assurance standards ISO 9001:2000 produced and sterile bottled in a pharmacy operation. All flavouring ingredients listed FEMA or by the “U.S. food and Drug Administration (FDA)” as a grass (generally recognised as safe) classified. Managing Director Raimund Woitinek that his Vita rescue now available in pharmacies are available, is an important step in the right direction for VitSmoke: there are still many customers who prefer the advice in the pharmacy of they trust anonymous purchasing on the Internet. We can now also reach these customers. “Firma VitSmoke GmbH, VitSmoke GmbH from Furth IM Odenwald is an innovative company with many years expertise in the marketing of consumer goods. The VitSmoke GmbH marketed cigarettes and related accessories under the same name brand VitSmoke the TV, the over-the-counter retail, pharmacies and the Internet shop at. Founder and Managing Director Raimund Woitinek and the ambitious young team have the set goal, electric cigarettes in Germany socially acceptable and smokers an alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes available to make. The VitSmoke GmbH is committed to high-quality products and excellent customer service. VitSmoke products comply with the latest state of the art. At the offered aroma fluid to refill, VitSmoke relies on German quality. The fluids are exclusively according to food valid currently in Germany and beverage law developed and manufactured. All flavouring ingredients are FEMA and / or by the “U.S.

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