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I like my friends always thought that the answer is “no” – but there is someone who thinks differently here? I want to share their experiences. I do not think that my situation be surprising. 36 years and two kids. Their dad probably even their names are already forgotten. Pasha like a horse – trying to cash in on at least one apartment. But what else? Of course, neither of which parties, gatherings and walks out of the question can not be – the house-children, work-house. The only free time – paved. Classics of the genre, in one word.

A men give compliments at work and wonder why I am alone, give advice! – I do not even try to explain – they just do not understand this, as I do not understand what a joy to drink every day – and I do not want to understand! In general, except for those pristarelyh losers that tried to introduce friends and drunken declarations of love for corporate parties, the only chance to find love the Internet remained. 20 minutes a day at bedtime. For 5 years, have called on all known shmambam, lavplanetam etc. Normal guy sitting there? Normal man at home with his wife and children. And there … kid with sexual revelations, zhenatiki, poor and miserable and gigolos. Vobschem with the audience and I’m 5 years communicating and still hoping. It was of course, when someone could say more than hello or wink – but for some reason, then suddenly turned out that he is married or wanted to borrow money at the first meeting – it may be I’m so lucky one? One evening I sat down and thought? Well what I mean? Why so? I am a good mother, and people say that a good man – well, why am I alone?

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