Five Rules

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The failure of a business can be a setback for any employer, but does not have to mean a disaster. Tomemoslo as a bitter experience and devastating sounds cold Cafe; But despite those mistakes have been able to pick up the pieces and be attributed a healthy perspective of what the failure is and should not mean for us. When we face any setback, here are five rules to not return to failing in a business; and that helped me during these years and you can help, too. Do not pretend to say that never happened.People are often so worried about avoiding the stigma of failure and refuse to acknowledge what happened. Denial generally gives rise to other problems, including internal stress and delaying any effective remedy. You must be quick to admit that you were wrong.

Always avoid making excuses.Some people move beyond the truth rather than admit the problem, which sweeten words in excuses. I was one of them. We often say that all our defects were not by our fault.But when leave of make excuses, we will focus on a productive purpose. Do not confuse the objective in common, with the person.Sometimes people take the opposite way of what I just described. Throw the blame for everything, for each failure and create a self-reinforcing negative pattern. Assuming that always make mistake, it is more dangerous to take it in thought; and this can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead of creating a mental model of the fault, how can I improve ask yourself.

Remember that we are not alone.People do not always come to achieve the stated objectives. The point is that we are not robots. Everyone is bound to stumble occasionally. Centremonos on lessons learned.While ultimately we must focus on the future. The only way to survive such a level of failure is to focus on the future. Not many people can say that he has lost literally thousands of dollars and attributed it to the experience of business lessons. This sounds devastating, really? But despite our mistakes we must be able to pick up the pieces left to not return to failing in a business.

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