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On Saturday, September 6, 2008, it comes to a Futsal demonstration game in Philippsburg Rhine in Germany. -Futsal in Baden bei Wien – “Futsal is always still largely unknown to the general public. To change that, we succeeded thanks to intensive efforts, regional to inspire the TV channel “R.TV – the regional” for a TV report about futsal, so Thomas Bubenitschek (as FSC Philippsburg). “With this PR-action we hope to see a push for the futsal in Baden bei Wien, which should contribute to the better recognition and dissemination among the population”, so bar to the Futsalecho. The Baden League launches on December 14, 2008 in the next official Futsalsaison. The following teams were in last season: Karlsruher FV, DJK Ensell, VfR Kronau, TV singing, FSV Alemannia Ruppurr, GSV SG Siemens Karlsruhe 1, SG Siemens Karlsruhe 2, 1 M.K.F.C Karlsruhe, FC Dossenheim, FSC Philippsburg, FC Portus-Pforzheim and so a Futsal demonstration game between the futsal club Portus launches September 6, 2008 in Philippsburg Rhine in Germany on Saturday, and the Futsal Sport Club Fortuna Philippsburg. Kick-off is at 14:00 in the Rhine home gym. For more information see this site: Frank Armijo. It is of course free of charge! (Report: M.Reichert) (Image: FSC Philippsburg)

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