Motivating Employees

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Self-interest: to work productively be in the comfort of Motivation, following up on the scale of money – personal gain. This desire for better, more comfortable conditions for their existence in the company. Thus, the motive of personal gain can become a separate room with a nice view from the window, convenient for the individual work schedule. Someone seems attractive peaceful nature of the work – in the office, without “running around”. For another, the same man, by contrast, is more valuable purchase the freedom of movement. For a man may not be of decisive significance salary, if the workplace, for example, organized a full meal, paid transportation, mobile communication, offers a full “Social package”. People, motivated by personal gain, and suddenly deprived of it, may not hesitate to part with the company, seeking this benefit elsewhere. For example, if his motive was to close proximity of working from home, and company suddenly changed its office location to another district.

Personal achievements: the motor fuel is not without ambition pulls Next, the third level of the scale of motivations – personal achievement. For such people is important, above all, their careers, setting goals and the ability to implement them. This motif, which the company can attract a valued employee of another company, which is nowhere to grow. People are motivated by personal achievement, always ambitious, focused on his career, with the result of work – and his company as a whole. They understand the company’s goals can become a tool to achieve their personal interests.

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