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Harvey (1999, p.9) affirms in its workmanship After-Modern Condition, to examine of simplified form the politician-economic beddings, going deep later regarding ' ' experience of the space and the time as singularly important mediating bond enters the dynamism of the description-geographic development of the capitalism and complexes processes of cultural production and transformation ideolgica' ' that they culminate in the after-modern condition. It is not our objective to deplete these complex questions, but in contrast, to give beginning to a debate still little spread out between students of Geography, trying, through the synthesis and analysis, to bring for the language and the daily one of our future pupils, a contact possibility here, aiming at to develop the curiosity, and to awake (who knows) searching and epistemlogos futures of after-modernity and its new espacialidades. MODERNITY In its workmanship Geography and Modernity, Pablo Cesar of the Coast Gomes, in turn, understands to be constructed modernity. Under the form of a double character: of one side, the territory of the reason, the institutions of methodical and normative knowing; of the other, diverse ' ' contracorrentes' ' , contesting the power of the reason, the models and methods of institutionalized science and the universalizante spirit. Pablo Cesar raises the hypothesis of that modernity holds back in its base double a basic character formed for traditional the new pair/. Although they are old slight knowledge (new/traditional), they had become a true system of values; to say itself of tradition, for example, she has of if relating to a system of values supported in the new. In synthesis, although different opinions of the two cited authors, some social transformations had occurred in the advent of after-modernity, the urban one are the consequence of this transformation. What he was monochromatic if becomes multicolorful, what was functional if becomes multi-functional. But we will argue with more tenacity these transformations to follow.

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